Reshaping the future of blockchain games

Astronomica is a next-gen game development studio that builds insanely fun social esports games.


Next-Gen Competitive Play


Exciting virtual worlds to explore and conquer with friends

Fast Paced

Short and action-packed competitive sessions

Skill Based

Real-time, skill-based games that are easy to play & hard to master

Cross Platform

Designed to thrive across Mobile, PC and Console


Own the digital assets you earn in our games through skill

Original Content

Fresh content with evolving meta, mods and user-generated content

Why we are here

Web3 Gaming; Reimagined

We began our journey into blockchain gaming with the following vision: How would our most beloved games would look like with a player-owned economy?

Done right, the combination of the love for a game universe with the ability for players to own parts of it is unparallelly powerful.

Unfortunately, most Web3 games to-date have critically damaged the perception of what Blockchain Gaming could be like. We are here to fix that.

We are committed to bridging the gap between traditional gamers and Web3.

We are here to attract the massive Web2 audience in an authentic, compelling way to web3.


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Years of Working


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Astronomica is founded by a team of serial gaming entrepreneurs.

OUR Vision


Fun-first blockchain games with sustainable economies will revolutionize how players value their engagement with video games.

Our mission is to build exciting, social virtual worlds for you to explore, conquer and own.